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It was dark outside.

Last one to leave office.

The responsibility of switching on the security alarm before I go looms large.

Alarm switch needs to be pressed by last person to leave to arm it.

It verifies automatically if all doors are closed.

Then it takes 40 seconds to arm itself and lets out a long beep at the end of  it.

Should leave the building before that long beep.

If I open the door after the beep it sends a silent signal to the cops.

The alarm is right next to the the men's loo.

Pressed the alarm switch.

Felt a sudden urge to take a leak.

Do I have enough time to relieve and then leave?

The toilet is right here.

20 seconds for the alarm to verify and 40 seconds to arm itself.

One man, one minute, one mission.

Dashed into the loo.

Unbuckled frantically. How many seconds left?

Doesn't matter.

Stage fright.

Nothing was happening.

Forced some grunts.

Did a courtesy flush.

Anything to instigate the anticipated free flow.

No luck. How many seconds left?

Did it beep while the flush roared?

Ruffled clothes and sweaty brow.

Mission abandoned.

Rushed out of the loo.

Checked the alarm display while still on the run. 5 seconds left.

55 seconds of repressed feelings in the loo.

Rushed out into the dark night.

Collected my breath.

My bladder was ready to burst.


  1. enna koduma saravanan.....what happened next?

  2. Prepare for the anti-climax...

    Went back in and fulfilled obligations. The problem with the time bound alarm is getting out - not getting in!