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Memorex DVD drive

What a Monday!

I beat my habitual friend Procrastination and finally bought a DVD drive for the media center. What more, assembled it the same day as well.

There are very few options for DVD drives - feature-wise. The usual suspects are Memorex, Sony, Pioneer and HP. Emperex and others round up the vendors. What do they offer?

1. Multi format support

2. Grey/Black bezels

3. Nero seven applications suite

4. Lightscribe32023220_lg

5. E-IDE cables

6. Analog audio cables

7. Flash ROM for firmware upgrades

In my quick analysis, Memorex offered all these at $69.99 (at Fry's Fremont) with a free blank DVD. The others did not have one feature or more at the same price range.

What next?

Install movie editing software.

Freaky but true, a friend called to ask me about DVD writing speeds while I was installing the new drive. I am now positively positive that I am being stalked.


  1. how far away is blueray or hd-dvd drive from being commercially (and economically viable)

  2. I would say that they are 2009 Christmas season items. The marketing wheel are working hard to create the 'need' right now. ;) I see the odd internal drives being posted here and there.