Kill the Messenger

My first "Tami Hoag" novel. This piece of fiction served its purpose - stalled boredom on the five hour cross-continent flights between SJC, JFK and Atlanta. It delivers what it promises - a thriller with cops and robbers. LA based story but lacks the grittiness seen with the Harry Bosch novels set in the same city. Eventually had a tough time finishing it.

My Wife's Murder

Word is that the production team had planned two versions for simultaneous release - Ghalthi Se and Jaan Bhuj Ke. That is gimmicky but would have been an interesting venture. Irrespective, My Wife's Murder stands out for Anil Kapoor's brilliant performance. It was totally engrossing. Story-wise, the movie loses edge once Nandana Sen's character gains prominence. One wonders if Anil Kapoor's character would have evaded the police if he had been on his own through out.


I was one of those idiots who first saw the American version of coupling ahead of the original British series. Naturally, I was avoiding the original one for a long time. When we (Chand and I) did get a chance to watch one episode, we fell for it straight away. We are now waiting for the season three DVD. I am still amazed that NBC managed to place the wrong actors and squashed the comedy.


The Monk who sold his Ferrari

Okay... I was hooked by the title. I chanced upon this book at a time when I was looking for some distraction, some inspiration. I do very little non-fiction. I gave this book my best shot and I think I covered up to 50 pages or theare abouts. The book then dwiddled into something of a self-help lecture once the chief protagonist returned from the Himalayas. My friend who had lent me the book made my job easier by pestering me to return it. Apparently his boss wanted him to read it... Go figure!


Sexy Beast

This movie has been on my list for quite a while now. I finally managed to watch it despite domestic intrusions the other day. I was intrigued by Ben Kingsley's "Yes! Yes! Yes!" that was shown during one of the bygone Oscars. The plot is pretty simple, rather stupid. A gang plans to rob a bank of sorts through some swimming pool. This is trivial. The main focus is on Ben Kingsley's manic portrayal of the gang's facilitator. Terribly impressed.