Introducing Hurricane C

Happy to promote two entities I've come to cherish more than ever
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Hurricane C

The early spring of 2008

The day was here. The doctors had given you enough time or so they thought. They were ready to force you out. I relished the kicks and movements with the knowledge that I would miss them. I willed and waited for you to make the first move. Alas that was not to be.
En route to the hospital I swear I could see the first shoots of spring on the trees that line the center divider of the streets. Trees that were bare and brown had the faintest sign of green all across. Some a little more obvious than others. Some shy of their blossoming youth and changing image. I wondered if you were the shy kind as well.

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Things I've learned recently

1 lb = 16 oz

Gas is good

ergo Burping is good

B&W is good

There is quite alert and then there is active alert (I still don't know which is which - alert me if you do)

Bow legs are good

Teeth are not so good

Nails even more so

High pitched voices are good

Low and gruff not so good

Crying and mucus are related

You can cry without tears

It is fools day. Looks like the joke is on me. I've been so ignorant :)