Elephunk Theme

I first got wind of this from the I2FS site. The Black eyed peas have taken an obscure Ilaiyaraja song and did some sort of remix of it. The album in Elephunk. The song is "The Elephunk Them". It is amazing that it is not some famous creation of Raja but a pretty ordinary nothing composition. The lyrics are awful to begin with. Why this song?



Had my first hearing of "Kaal". The music is by Shankar-Sulaiman and I think someone else has contributed as well. I rate an album as great if I drive around in the afternoon just to hear the songs in the car. The last time I did that was for "Aayudha ezhuththa". Not sure if this will reach that class.


Old Tamil songs

All of a sudden I am hokked on to old Tamil movie songs - courtesy a cassette (its been a while) given by my Dad. Its vintage TMS from movies like Naadodi mannan, Ambhikapathy etc. I am more aware of the lyrics now and the word play. With real estate bubble bulgin in the bay area couldn't help but identify with the lines -

"Ullorukku illangal sondham... adhu illorukku ullangal sondham"