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Babloo #03 - Desi jargon

Elk is a kind of maan

- A desi friend explaining what an elk is to an European.


Baseball is like cricket except the other team bats first and I think the one with the ball throws it in a different way.

- Desi girl explaining cricket to an American at the USB plugfest of all places. I did not dare to interfere.


How's it going?

- The pujari at the Sunnyvale temple while giving me Prasad(am). Reverse culture shock!


Enga poganum sir?

- New York JFK cabbie after ingeniously discovering that I speak Thamizh. I dutifully called him 'Annein' Sendhil style for the rest of the trip.


Holy cow!

-  A coworker's exclamation once I confirmed for her that Indians do worship the cow and sometimes offer it its own milk. Holy cow? Exactly!

We tried to popularize 'punidha maadu' for a while but gave up eventually. Maybe we should have stuck to 'Dheiva Maaaaa' which was our second choice.


Aahsum ra

- One brother from Hyderabad's version of  'Awesome dude'.


It is all political. Our PM, President are all virgin bachelors.

- Ingenious and indigenous answer to the one question that plagues all single desi junta - 'you are single and a virgin?' - this was valid up until Manmohan Singh replaced Vajpayee and Pratibha Patil replaced Dr.Kalam.


This is Pankajam calling from Shantha Clara.

- Stanford Radio's Tamil Wednesdays are a blast. Mmm.. sollungo mami.


Take a left at Senthomas expressway.

- You can always filter out a true blue Madras guy when St.Thomas enters the conversation.


Maembalam yeri yerangina udane oru Macdonalds kadai varum. Anga right edu. 35-nu oru board irukkum. Adha thaandi marupadiyum oru right edu.

- Driving directions for southies. The 35 board turned out to be a speed limit sign.


My dad is an Indian - like from the country India...

- Overheard at a birthday party. Desi-let covering for her Dad's accent to her friend who strangely enough looked Desi as well.


Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge

(after a pause)


- Southie Desi attempts Hindi with ghori northies


Its like New York City and New York.

- French dude explaining Madras and Chennai after his solitary trip to India. Thanks mon ami.



Anything to add?


  1. I forgot to add

    "Double cheese burger - no meat!"

    - I don't know the number of rookie vegie Desis who have had a rite of passage at McDonald's with this one.

  2. My default order at McD "Double cheese burger - no meat". Does it qualify ?

  3. B,
    You should in fact file a patent.

  4. Chandra10:32 AM

    Your attempt at 'ghori' kudis proved you are that - a Southie guy!

  5. hey vj,

    you should check this link out :

    i am posting your permalink on that post.

  6. I actually subscribe to his blog. Irreverent observations of mundane stuff produces hilarious blogs.