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The new test XI?

With the big three (Ganguly, Tendulkar and Dravid) poised to be phased out, what will the new Indian Cricket test team look like?

The Openers

Wasim Jaffer (or Akash Chopra or Virendra Sehwag)

Dinesh Karthik (or Parthiv Patil)

The Middle Order

VVS Laxman

Yuvaraj Singh

Virendra Sehwag (or Mohamad Kaif or Robin Uthappa)

Manoj Tiwari ( or S Badrinath)

The Wicket Keeper

M S Dhoni

The Bowlers

I K Pathan (the one Indian all rounder)

Harbhajan Singh (or Piyush Chawla or Ramesh Powar or Murali Karthik)

R P Singh (or Sreesanth or Munaf Patel)

Z Khan

Is Balaji still in the reckoning?


  1. I would like to think....that Rohit Sharma will also fight for a place in the middle order...given his exploits in the T20 WC.

    Frightening to think how frail the Indian XI looks now :(. Thank heavens we got to see our beloved India winning atleast a WC of some kind during our lifetime. Quoting Steve 'Tugga' just dropped the WC son by missing seeing the match live.

  2. I have this sinking feeling that Rohit Sharma might go the Suresh Raina way.

    The upcoming challenger series should be interesting. The big three have been 'rested'.

    By not watching it live, I was doing my bit to ensure a win.;)

  3. It's next to impossible to replace the big three. Having 3 batsmen of highest calibre, each with their own style of domination, play in the same time period for India? Not gonna be anytime soon.

    That means all the home advantage that we maintained over the years is about to be gone. Visiting teams will kick the hell outta India (which the Aussies are already governing).

    If we don't have two world class pace bowlers, life will be difficult. At present, we have none. The mayhem is already on. Aussies can score at their will against our bowling.

    We need a young bowling sensation, just like we got a battin sensation 18 years ago.

    God save Indian cricket and the millions of its fans.

  4. I think the team that won the '85 world series was the most well-balanced Indian team ever. Five to six bowlers who can complete 10 overs apiece and a solid batting lineup all the way till number 8. Maybe the selectors should use that template.