The Pier Through The Vine

The Pier Through The Vine, originally uploaded by DeepTrance.

A thick veil over the inner eye
The promise of clarity in the future
The pier offers a dock for salvation
A craft that will take me to peace
The Pier seen through the vine
is making me salivate for the future


Honoring the dead

The bushy beard almost masked the holy one’s face

The crowd was spellbound

with as much respect as there was fear

The topic was life after death

holy one was preaching the importance of leading a virtuous life to enjoy after life pleasures

“Our elders died in the confidence that we will protect their legacy”

He was quoting extensively form the Gita

making one think that he authored it.

“Protect all their possessions as your own”

The flow was broken by the constant clicking noise

It was coming from the second row

holy one looses his divine cool

He yells at the audience trying to seek out the source for the noise

A teenager with a plastic box

Fiddling with the lid leading to the unforgivable noise

“Imbecile!” thunders the holy one.

The teenager stands up

Embarrassed beyond anything.

Couple of opportunists from the crowd voice their displeasure as well.

“Is this too boring for you?”

“Did you lose your way here?”

“Did someone force you to be here?”

“Why are you spoiling it for the rest of us?”

He squeaks something.

Somehow finds his voice.

He had come to the discourse trying to clear a doubt

His father had passed away recently

The only legacy he had left behind was this plastic box with firecrackers in it

His father loved firecrackers

“He gave this box of firecrackers to me on his deathbed.”

The boy’s doubt was – how do I best honor my father?

preserve these firecrackers as that’s all I have left of him.

or do I light them and enjoy them the way he did?

I will then have nothing left of him.

How do I honor my dead father?

The real IPL

Amar from India faces a conundrum. "My dad (an army officer) is from Rajasthan, my mother is from punjab. I was born in Hyderabad, grew up in Chennai and Bangalore. Went to college in Kolkota and work in Mumbai.
Who do i support? Delhi?"

While not as unified in diversity as Amar, it got me thinking nevertheless. Who do I support in IPL? Place-of-birth-wise it should be the Chennai Super Kings. As far as I can tell, besides Badri, Balaji and Murali’s wife there are no other Chennai natives in the team. There-in lies my problem. Maybe the team names should be changed to something with a regional touch or something that is intrinsic to the team members. Just the city or state name is not enough – the tournament is not even being played in India – Indian Pardesi League.


I gave it some thought and this is what I came up with.

Teams needing regional flavor

  • Mohali Munde
  • Madras Machchis
  • Mum Bikers
  • Deccanande Chargergaaru (or Gilli’s Danda-s)

Based on performance

  • Delhi 6ers

Based on owners

  • Bangalore Bottle Openers

Based on team strategy

  • Rajasthan Royal Coachless
  • Kolkatta Kaptains


Cinema - April




Saw II

Just going through the motions here. I knew the twist beforehand in this edition. Not as gripping as the first edition as a result.

Red Road

One of those slow paced yet absorbing movies. This one is from Scotland and is set in Glasgow. They hardly seem to get any sun in that part of the world. At times the narrative appears to be extraordinarily slow. The end justifies the means though.

Singh is King

To me, Hindi comedy movies, of late, feel like slap stick stage plays except that the stage is some foreign locale. The supporting cast appear to be more at ease than the lead ones here.

Netflix online

Crimen perfecto

Or is it ferpecto? The English title for this Spanish film is ‘A Perfect Crime’. A comedy very similar to Ugly Betty in the story line except that Betty is a self-centered evil person here. Like many movies, this has a promising start but meanders away.


The famous chase scene did not disappoint. I was afraid that time would have spoiled it for me. They should have more movie car chases set in San Francisco.



A good heist movie is a joy forever. Usually a heist is a team effort with each member bringing in specific skill sets. Not so here. Loved the twist in the actual heist. So did Wifey.

Sex, Lies and Videotape

This was a big let down. Steven Soderbergh’s debut movie was hailed as a psychological masterpiece by so many. It seemed pointless banter to me.

You don’t mess with the Zohan

Putting the low in Low brow comedy. Sandler’s game plan seems to be to have one or two of these alternating with an attempt at a serious movie, in fact tragedies. Looking forward to his ‘Funny People’ which will be the perfect blend of comedy and tragedy in my opinion.

Yes Man

The perfect antidote for Friday fatigue. Brings back the joy of Ace Venture and Liar Liar. Not a bad movie.