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Retro Desi Shows

Bharath's Insular Thinking dwells on age old Indian TV shows this week.


As a kid, during late 80’s - early 90’s, Saturday and Sundays were of utmost importance for two reasons.
- Cricket with home made bats and rubber balls
- Watching TV.
Then we had just one channel, DD, which used to start their transmissions in the evening during weekdays and at 9.00 AM on Sundays. They never cared about TRP ratings, ad revenue etc as they were the only channel you could watch on TV in India.
Here are some of the TV serials I still remember.
-    He Man and the masters of the Universe. Remember seeing it on Sundays at 9.00 AM. Still can hum the theme song.
-    Star Trek – Sundays 11.30 AM. Of all the episodes and characters, Spock was the only character that stuck in my memory bank until I assimilated all the episodes again during college days.
-    Spiderman – The cartoon series. Exactly @ 12.00 Noon. Usually there were two 15 minute stories with an ad in between, Kitply or Fevicol most of the times.
-    Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot.Saturday 4 PM slot. Even YouTube has few of them online. I found all the episodes on Netflix, which inspired this post.
-    Film song based programs Oliyum – Oliyum (translates to picture and sound) on Fridays and Chitrahaar on Wednesdays.

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