Cinema - Superman Returns

What an age we live in! Superman is now boring.

 The Man of Steel is so one-dimensional, say some. No layers to his soul - say others. Where is the inner conflict of a Batman or a Spiderman? His weak point is that he has no weak points.

So, the Hollywood gurus had to bring in someone cerebral like Bryan Singer and compel him to attach a psychological conflict to the Superman psyche. It just doesn't work.

Finally caught up with the movie after a lot of missed chances. Just wasn't able to get involved. I even chuckled when the bullet bounces of Superman's retina. The climax seems to drag on a bit. The casting is quite appropriate though. No complaints there. Just too subdued to be a superhero movie.

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Oho - A New New Year Party

Good turn out

Good food

There the similarities ended

The Oho New Year Party 2009 was as different from previous ones as Katha Parayumbol and Kuselan.

For starters, it was a lunch party!

As many women as men.

Four infants/toddlers.

Hell, the music was a couple of years old.

The only thing common was the oho spirit.

Oh... and none of that stuff that rhymes with Fevicol.


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Cinema - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Movie duties were started this year with three hours of matinee magic courtesy Benjamin Button. It was refreshing to see Wifey enjoy the movie. She came into the movie hall with the one piece of knowledge that Brad Pitt was in the movie. No other expectations. No knowledge about the story line. I envied her for that. I can't remember the last time a movie took me by pleasant surprise. Despite knowing the plot line, I enjoyed the movie celebrating the idea behind it. David Fincher has taken liberties with the original story. It looks like he has just taken the original concept and spun his own story around it.  And quite a concept it is. A man ages backwards...

I recall a very early email thread, back when you read everything that passed through your inbox, that captured this very concept. I was not able to find that particular narrative  but was able to find this George Costanza version of the same through

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