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Stop Blue Whales From Being Killed by Ships



Last month, three endangered blue whales were killed when they were hit by large ships in their feeding grounds off the southern California coast. The coastal waters of southern California are home not just to the largest animal that has ever lived on Earth, but also to the busiest shipping lanes in the United States. Unusual ocean conditions this year have led to large numbers of blue whales feeding in the rich waters off southern California for much longer than normal, putting them directly in the path of fast-moving cargo ships and oil tankers. Ship strikes are one of the leading causes of death of large whales worldwide, and scientists have identified ship speed limits as the most effective method to reduce whale mortality.

Dead blue whale
Dead blue whale killed by ship

Last week the Center formally asked the federal government to impose a temporary speed limit off southern California to protect the blue whales. While the government has issued advisories for ship captains to watch out for whales, it has yet to impose the speed limits actually necessary to protect these magnificent and highly endangered animals.

Please: Let federal officials know right away how important it is that they impose a binding speed limit for large ships to protect endangered blue whales.

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