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The Idiot Box Strikes Back

I am finally putting my DVR to full use. Happily getting sucked right back into the make believe world that I had deserted all summer. Poignant 'note this point' - Of all the new shows, Wifey likes 'Dirty Sexy Money' while I am intrigued by 'Life'. Isn't that a point to ponder?

Five days and Twenty One shows to choose from.

New entries

1. Chuck

Combines Geeks, Girls and Gadgets. Likeable so far.

2. Bionic woman

Sci-Fi retelling of old show. Amazed at the money that goes into these shows.

3. Life

Intrigued by the premise. Cop solving other cases while trying to solve his own on the side.

4. Dirty Sexy Money

Dallas-like show. Wife likes this one a lot. I think it is all Peter Krause's doing.

5. Big shots

Funny in parts. "Men - we are the new women" Huh?

6. Cavemen

Inspired by the Geico commercial. I am returning for this one.

7. Back to you

Safe bets  - Kelsey Gramer and Patricia Heaton. DVR helps.

8. Pushing Daisies

Yet to see. Plot about coroner capable of giving life to dead bodies disturbing.

9. Journeyman

Well paced drama. A contemporary Doctor Who set in San Francisco.

10. K-Ville

Cop drama with Katrina ravaged New Orleans as the background. Okay.

11. The Big Bang Theory

Wooden acting. Missed second episode.


Recurring shows

1. Heroes

It is getting increasingly tough to follow all the characters.

2. House

My No.1 show. Wooster with sarcasm. P.G.W would have loved this one.

3. C.S.I

Somehow retains interest. Still watching reruns.

4. Criminal Minds

Gripping crime drama. Not for the faint hearted.

5. How I Met Your Mother

Great writers. Engaging comedy.

6. Bones

Excellent chemistry between leads. Wifey likes this more than I do.

7. Two and a Half Men

Waning interest.

8. Ugly Betty

I 'have' to watch this one.

9. The Office

Michael Scott - you are worse than my managers. You rock.

10. 30 Rock

Tina Fey. You are the best.

In the off season, I faithfully follow Monk, Psych and The Closer. All of them brilliant. I would like to see Reaper and Moonlight but can't find time or DVR space. I have stopped watching C.S.I Miami and C.S.I NY.

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