Cinema - February


Man on Wire: The ‘height’ of mischief. This was a lovely narrative and Philippe Petit’s stunt during the Oscars was a good motivator to check this out.

Out of Africa: Meryl Streep is truly an actress of a thousand accents. Despite the anticipation the shot among the flamingoes was not a let down. It was like reading a classic on those bygone lazy summer days.

Dog Day Afternoon: Strictly okay – not sure why it was deemed a classic.

The Corpse Bride: Tim Burton and Johnny Depp – quirky partnership in an animated musical of the macabre. Loved it.

Meet the Robinsons: Disney animations are not what it used to be.

Broken Flowers: Dull. Nothing like ‘Lost in Translation’. Tilda Swinton was a surprise.

Cashback: Quirky fantasy movie about an insomniac. If only insomnia had such delightful side effects.

Surf’s up: My third animated movie of the month – truly waking up the inner child this month.


Kismat Konnection: Juhi Chawla was the stand-out actor in an otherwise average feel-good movie.

Three days of the Condor: Cerebral spy movie – sign me up. The last couple of scenes were chilling in their clear prediction of the world’s dependency on oil. This movie will not be out of place even if it were released today.

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Movie of the month: Out of Africa

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