More sewage in S.F. Bay? This has to stop.

More sewage in S.F. Bay? This has to stop.

This week, there have been at least four major releases of treated and untreated sewage into San Francisco Bay, constituting more than 1 million gallons of effluent. This is in addition to the more than 400,000 gallons of sewage dumped into the Bay last week after a treatment plant in Sausalito sprung a leak.

Obviously, none of this is good for the Bay. This sewage threatens to spread disease among birds and wildlife, and diminish the overall health of this vital ecosystem. But beyond that, it makes the Bay unhealthy for the communities that rely upon it for recreation and commerce.

There is no law that says that San Francisco Bay must eat millions of gallons of sewage every time it rains. Clearly, this has to stop, and we need your help to bring this issue to the attention of our local Congressional representatives who can help.

 Send a letter to your representatives today.

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