Princess Inca levitates

Wonder what Yogi Pullavar would say!


  1. seems like there is some platform like thing that might be protruding from the pole

  2. For sure. But Yogi Pullavar didn't seem to have such support.

  3. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Not well done. The platform is obviously under the rug which has also "magically" appeared on concrete sidewalk, the "cane" houses some steel tubing for rigidity and there is a seat on which she sits on at the top of the structure which would look like a 3 sided square when uncovered.

    I am going to now make a glass of beer disappear, well, maybe not the glass.

  4. Anonymous3:42 PM

    she's sitting on steel plate attached to the pole, which is itself a steel pole, and is attached to a steel base covered in fur. the pole is covered in bamboo to make it look weak like soemthing simply used to steady herself. if you were to lift up her black dress, or look upwards from under her, you would see and that's the end of that illusion.

  5. You are probably right but it would be near impossible to get away with lifting her dress.:)