Cinema - January 09

At the movies

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Wifey liked it more than me. Review here

Ghajini - I shouldn't say a shade better than the Tamil original coz I hardly remember watching it. Kardai, my co-conspirator feels that Surya was better in the romantic portions (alli saaptruvaan maama - was the exact comment). "Kaise mujhe tu mil gayi" - a lovely song from Rahman.

Slumdog Millionaire - appreciated grudgingly

Karadi comment - "oru padaiyappa paaththa effect" - I guess he liked it.


Superman Returns - under whelmed by a superhero Karadi comment - yaen ippadi gay-thanamanana movie ellaam paakkara?

Starsky and Hutch - used to watch grainy reruns on Rupavahini in the '80s. The comical adaptation forced a few guffaws. Made me wonder about the lack of buddy cop movies in Thamizh or Hindi cinema. Guess the police system back home doesn't support that concept - geared towards one man army revenge sagas.

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Untraceable - In the end just stayed on with the only aim of finishing the movie.


Saroja - A decent thriller. Me likey.

The Holiday - "Who ordered this chick flick?" said I forcing some indignant tone. "Let's just say that it was me to the rest of the world" quipped Wifey. I ended up watching the full movie with MIL while Wifey continued with her more meaningful life.

Friends with money - The kind of dialogues that make you want to gulp reflexively when senior family members are around. Escaped from the hall and let wifey and MIL complete the movie. These movies have been in my list for a couple fo years now - I must have gone through a curious phase when I placed them in the queue. There I said it - it was I who selected these movies.

Hot fuzz - Much lke Shaun of the dead, starts brilliantly and fades into bloody gore. Good in parts.

Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay - Our guilty pleasure - reefer movies. The Harold-Kumar ones are right up there with the best.

Movie of the month: Slumdog Millionaire

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