Pseudibis papillosa sighting


I saw a family of Red-naped Ibis cranes in Rajapalayam during my last visit there. I was certain that these birds had taken refuge in this small town by way of a respite from their hundreds of thousands of miles of migration between strange lands.It came as a surprise that these birds are indeed common to South India. Never seen one before. Took some time to track down the species – visual search on the internet is still not there yet. Finally stumbled upon a useful site in the form of

The cranes were mostly perched on the tallest of branches and were best in view when they were atop one of the many coconut trees. With a simple point and shoot camera, I was only able to get the frustrating pixelated blurry zoom shots. On the day I left the place, however, I was on the terrace and noticed one on a tree and this is the best shot I could get during the entire trip. I’ve added a better picture of the crane from ibiscraneorg

The pseudibis papillosa has a very unique howl like call. Certainly not a song bird!

BirdLife International (2008) Species factsheet: Pseudibis papillosa. Downloaded from on 9/3/2009

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