Tintin in America by Hergé

Tintin in America (The Adventures of Tintin)

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A while back I came across this ad and started drooling. In my entire experience with comic books, Tintin and Asterix have been quintessential favorites. So, I plotted with care and finally landed all 55 titles earlier this month. Timeless humour and wonderful illustrations bring back some good memories. Plan to treat this set as a legacy piece. The Tintin series is from Egmont printing house - not the Magnet (or was it Magnum) printing house that I used to notice earlier. The difference is only in the font not in the quality of the pictures. Between Asterix and Tintin (sort of a choice between left eye and right eye), I favor Asterix for the humor content. These are European comics at their very best.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. Asterix is timeless. I didn't even know there was a Is that the Hindu newspaper diversifying into shopping?

  2. It is part of the Hindu newspaper. I myself came across it through an ad.