Movie Wish List Update

Movie Wish List

The Terrorist - I had the DVD for sometime. Not sure why I never saw it.

The Last King of Scotland - Idi Amin - State of blood - it was my first non-fiction book

Lust Caution - Ang Lee (I just saw Food Drink Man Woman - quietly engrossing)

Be Kind, Rewind - for the story premise alone

Anjaathey - a realistic Thamizh movie - need to see this one

Completed. Refreshing to note that I did not know most of the actors - in fact I recognized only three. I liked the movie.

Iron Man - when critics praise a popcorn flick...

Completed. Good super here flick - Check

Rajinikanth in and as Iron Man

for further insights.

New additions to the list

Saththam Podathey - Vasanth has described this as a Shakespearean tale with a Hitchcockian narrative. Should be interesting.

Aamir - a low budget Hindi movie without the hype is a must-see.

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