Maintaining Home Sickness

This was the order I got from home - no matter how much I travel, I should always feel the same level of home sickness if not more. When I first heard "Don't miss us less, okay?" - I found it to be cute. This third trip in as many weeks, sitting at 5:00 AM in one of the contiguous states' busy airports, that phrase crept back into my consciousness. That phrase is suddenly taking profound dimensions for me. A progenitor to this blog. Yes - I have to find ways to forget work even when on these high pressure customer trips. Good one, Cee!

Here is my instruction list for hmmm... myself

  • Look forward to calls from home as if it is a privilege you get once a month.
  • Do your share of household chores - the ones that can be arranged online. I am just shying away from public email as if it is of no consequence.
  • No research during travel. Go back to your promise to do inconsequential browsing only on week nights. That got compromised at some stage. The reading on DIY powerline ethernet can wait.

Let's see...

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