Greed is in the air

Flawed geniuses are fascinating to watch. In this case, the exposure of one such flawed genius' greed has become an interesting sideshow for me. Although I still feel that he will somehow get out of it intact. So, let's trace the rise and what appears to be fall of this superego. Extremely hardworking and respected person. Well appreciated by peers and has made bold choices in life that are out of the ordinary. At some point greed (for money of course) takes over. Paranoia is a natural partner. Becomes extremely private. Never loses guard. Hard work continues on one hand making him an industry giant but personality limitations keep him from breaking the surface. All his friends appear to be work related or at least they have something to offer him. Those who don't have anything to offer but friendship remain distant acquaintances. Financial growth is inevitable. Stakes become high at the workplace. Unhealthy interest in other people's lives becomes some sort of a hobby. Every good point earned on the professional front seems to be undone by animosity created through a very haughty overbearing personality. People continue to respect him but very few now like him. Family life seems to be grounding him. Greed continues to grow though. Starts biting the hand that fed him. Gets in full awe of his own genius. Is a fall imminent?

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