Not in my wildest imaginations did I have dear old superstar in a science fiction movie titled 'Robot'. I mean he did feature in the first live-action cum animation song sequence - Raja Chinna Roja. He is also poised to release what is probably India's first main stream animation movie for adults in Sultan sometime in 2009. Yet, to have a full fledged science fiction movie with thalaivar in the lead role is a little hard to digest. The need to satisfy the fans' appetite supercedes every other aspect of the movie. A science fiction movie without a plausible story would be tough to conjure up.

What will the story line be?

It is my firm belief that Shankar, who claims this to be his dream project, is a template director (See my earlier post - click here). Given the amount of money that is likely to ride on this project, he will not stray away from his trusted template. So, we will have a science-fiction/anti-corruption theme riding on the super star bandwagon. It smells like Robocop - Rajini style!

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  1. Karadi3:01 PM

    The title "ROBOT" is going to be changed...Few i could think of, following Shankar's one word formula and how he gave shivaji...
    - Rao, Rajni's last name
    - Kandhan, Lord Karthikeya's name and also mimics 'kanth'

    BTW, Sultan is slated for november 2008 release....

    Things that cannot be avoided
    - Aishwarya Rai was approached but could not sign the dotted line due to date problems
    - There is a case opened in a remote court, apparently there is a tussle between the producers and distributors, hence the release date is postponed.
    - Shankar's unit raves Rajni's humbleness, sincerity, punctuality and ......
    - Apparently in the movie Rajni has a pet Dog, and while when the dog wasn't involved in shooting, the poor thing was tied to a car bumper which apparently had aroused few good samaritans.
    - Few political parties believe that the movie wallpapers are very Graphic and that spoils the youth's minds. There is now a 'stay' for the movie in High Court.
    - There will be a separate coulmn in REDIFF related to this movie.
    - Few scenes are shot again to improve the end quality of the product.
    - Nana patekar, Amitabh Bachan, Chiru are approached to do a cameo, but could not make it due to schedule conflicts.
    - Shankar and his creative team are in Bangkok finishing their script.
    - Cellphones and reporters are not allowed inside the shooting premises.
    - Everyone in the planet knows the story and Shankar believes otherwise.
    - Rakhi Sawant or Malaika Arora is expected to do an item number.
    - Rajni starts appearing in public with a "Monkey Cap"
    - Rajni does GYM during shooting breaks.
    - Shankar flies with ARR to Mauritius to compose songs.
    - All areas of distribution is sold for never before record prize.
    - Soundarya announces a sequel to Sultan.
    - Rajni meditates in himalayas once the talkie portion is over.
    - Rahmn flies to netherlands to compose the BGM.
    - AKON has loaned his voice for the ace composer.
    - Rajni has sung a song, a chartbuster even before it was conceived.
    - Shooting has to happen in campa cola grounds, hyderabad film city, Bangalore....
    The above are besides Shankar introducing state of the art graphics, hollywood technicians, IMAX compatible, Blue Ray disc, .....