Reflecting back... way back

I catch Monk whenever I can. Tony Shalhoub has perfected the characters nuances. The story line is very much in the  Agatha Christie mould.  Probably that's why I like it so.

Anywise, there was this one episode where Monk recollects a painful memory from his childhood to his therapist. Monk recalls a man dressed in white, Monk himself was naked, there is a lady screaming in the background and there is blood everywhere. The therapist starts freaking out before he realizes that Monk is actually recollecting his own birth. Monk is relieved but the therapist is probably experiencing more relief at this point. It is almost impossible for anyone to recollect their own birth - but for Monk - "well it is both a gift and a curse"!

One dull flight and I was trying to recollect my own earliest childhood memory. I remember my first day in school - vaguely. I remember rushing to the window to see my mom and her entourage leave. I have one other memory - getting almost hit by a two-wheeler in Karaikaal. However, I am not sure which happened first. While dwelling on this, I also recalled a painful fact. The first word I learnt to read on my own was... "Office" (sigh!). The school office in P.S.Senior had this word in big letters and I usually waited there for the school bus. No excuse but that was my first word. Should I somehow put it in my resume?

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