Crap Talk with Karadi

This blog (and Karadi) - not for the easily offended.

We tried answering some cosmic spiritual cultural questions with potty humor.

Why do people keep saying Holy Shit !!!! and not Holy Piss !!???

(in true thalaivar style) Onnu Paerusa Illa Rendu Paeursa?

Pullarikuthu Maams ..... Enna Porutha Varaikum Rendu Thaan...But that's my problem and weakness ......

There is Holy COW but no Holy Tiger...

got milk?

Puli Paal kudichu valandha kudumbangal irukke!

Or its just me hearing voices .....

Logic. If there were a holy tiger it would eat the holy cow. So only cow and no tiger.

There is Holy Crap but no Holy Waste

Holy rule states that nothing shall exceed Holy. Waste has one letter more than holy and ceases to be holy.

What's holy in calling something holy? And in most of the slang holy indicates something vulgar and unholy.
What's this called in English? A word itself is its "antonym"...

How profound... Holy Moly!