South Side on Desi hits

I stumbled on this music show through iTunes - hosted by's bollywood show - and simply love it. The DJ, Ashanti Omkar, is very engaging and seems to know her Thamizh Film music. I've listened to one half of one show - South Side #4 - and was immediately compelled to write about it.

The show starts off with  a medley of new numbers - my search ended right there - I was looking for a podcast to keep myself up to date on the Thamizh music scene and not depend on Raama for his convoluted recommendations. A couple of original songs by musicians local to U.K were not bad all though the second number seemed to resemble something from Srikanth's Padal album.  I need to revisit that to confirm.

Following that is the section that interested me the most - a special on the letter 'C'. Topics discussed include 'Chellam', 'Carnatic', 'Charukesi' and 'Chenda'. The last one being Kerala's very own percussion. I am in the middle of a medley - which I think are all songs based on Charukesi.

Vasantha mullai pole vandhu

Aaadal kalaiye thevan thanthadhu

Thoodhu selvadhaaradi

Kaadhalin dheepam onru

<Back after the break>

Completing the show was an interesting segment where the DJ traced some western albums influenced by Thamizh film songs - well, two of them at least.

Black eyed peas take on that song from Raghavendra - also mentined elsewhere in this blog - Click here for that. (Actually one of my very first posts)

MIA's take on the "kaatukuyilu" song from Dhalapathy - also discussed extensively in the TFM pages.

Finally, some guilty pleasure when the show signed off with 'Kuthu' songs. Didn't mind hearing it on the way to work on a Monday.

This show rocks. Looks like the latest one is South Side #6. I have a lot of catching up to do.

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