Ooh la la la - Electric dreams are diminishing

I have a lot of catching up to do on the quarter finals. However, a good stream of healthy news is coming this way about the show. One, the semifinalists count has been increased from six to nine. That is indeed good news. Two, the program presentation looks more polished.

On episode eight, Track one were the deserving winners. They really outshone Yuj and Zinx. Yuj had that laid back lounge feeling about it as a band. Zinx were super excited school kids with one funky rap artist in the making. Back to Track one, the lead singers (siblings?) voice talent is giving them a head start. Their remix of "Paattu Paadavaa" sounded like a new composition and is definitely hummable.

The show itself is growing and maturing nicely. The website is better organized than before. The hosts are doing that little bit more than being just annoying - at least Krish is. I don't know if everything fell on the editing table but all the lady mouths is something similar to "over to the judges". The judges themselves offer very little insight - some more banter from them would not be a waste of time. Just some insightful talk without theatrics.

It is almost criminal to eliminate young musicians - there were many a band that should be given the opportunity to further their talent. American Idol finalists (all of them) get some kind of push towards achieving their dreams - is it the same for the ooh la la la bands?


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  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Nice one dude! I see Akin Falope AKA Aworan's picture of AR Rahman in Chennai! Great review of Ooh la la la.