Cricinfo - Ponting calls for attacking cricket

Cricinfo - Ponting calls for attacking cricket

The Australian captain's dialogs in this article are quite interesting. He starts off with assuming that the Australians have made the game more attractive.

"If you look at the way we score our runs, the way we have been able to bowl in Test cricket, we have made the overall game a lot more attractive than other countries have."

This was done under Steve Waugh's captaincy - the art of aggressive scoring even in Test cricket. This was part and parcel of the 'mental disintegration' tactics. Has this made the game attractive to non-Australians? I am in awe of the team but I don't mind missing the games that they play. They, as much as the ICC, spoiled the last two world cups for me. The 1999 world cup was the last real contest.
He goes on to add
"Maybe the other countries have to start looking at maybe not playing as many drawn games, maybe challenging themselves a bit more to start winning and having results in Test matches. If you do that I think you will see people come back to the game."

Now he is dictating the Australian way to all the teams so that all games would be about preparation and execution rather than preparation and improvisation. There is quite a difference and he might find that it will lead to real 'attractiveness'.

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  1. He might be right.But then again the 'art' of cricketing will be lost if we move towards results.I still firmly believe that Test cricket brings out the real flavour.