This should be a shoo in as it is an instrumental piece of a song in the movie. A personal favorite that has mass appeal as well. Set in what is really a movie glorifying violence, this interlude/BGM is in stark contrast to the movie situation. Yet, identify the movie and the situation when this piece sways in...



  1. Rajkumar11:44 PM

    Movie - Thalapathi

    Scene - Don't remember the sequence.. After Rajni gets to know that Shobana will be marrying Arvind swami.

  2. KQ quiz- For me, either it is too difficult or too easy. This time around it is later. "Thalapthi"

  3. Anonymous3:23 AM

    Hi Deep,
    The song is - Sundari kannal oru sedhi..

    Film - Dhalapathi

    Situation - don't know.

    with Love,
    Usha Sankar.

  4. "Sundari Kannal Oru Seidhi" from Thalapathi??

  5. No need to tell it is from Thalapathi. I think the situation is the scene where Rajini meets Shobana for the first time as wife of A.Swamy. The interlude plays the line "Naan unai neengamaatten" to remind her that she has ditched her lover.


  6. I knew this was an easy one... Anywise it is a personal favorite and had to be broadcast! Watching this movie in a stuffy theatre.. the sudden introduction of this interlude cast a spell on me. I am not a big fan of the song itself but the situation (Rajini meets Shobana to warn her about the danger Aravind Swamy is in) was beautifully conceived and IR delivers.