A Tribute to Ram

Well it is Ram's birthday today and what better way to pay tribute than embarrass him. I would like people who know him or anyone else to wish him in the Comments section so that it is stored for posterity. Also a few words of some awkward situation he was in would also be nice.
I fondly recall the time I starved him in the name of cooking dinner and how he wolfed down semi-cooked rice and called it nice.
Happy Birthday Ram - hope you get a proper dinner this time around.


  1. Murugesh10:11 PM

    Many more happy returns of the day Ram ! This tall guy of (always) SCM has lots of regard from me because he bought me an Adidas shoe from US for 3000Rs which I used only thrice !!!
    One of the awkward situation that I remember is whenever he passes TQ lab in SMT, he is always caught by us eyeing on the TQ girl (I wont tell the name)...

  2. Many more happy returns of the day Ram. This incident (if it can be called so) spans few years, starting from atleast 2003 and ending in 2006 ( a little after his wedding). Ram ALWAYS used to mock at people who were engaged/married telling that people change drastically after engagement/marraige and that HE WILL NOT CHANGE like that. But, the moment his engagement was confirmed, he did exactly that and literally was the centre of every mockery and fun at SCM till his wedding. Must say though he's normal after his wedding.

  3. "complete-a change aayittan"
    I agree

  4. And not to forget the "vatha kuzhumbu" which came out like crude oil and Vijay put the blame on me saying the I didn't cut the carrot properly :)

  5. @ Murugesh: Arasiyal....

    @ Joe: During the time duration u mentioned (My Enagagement till Wedding)u were living in Sharjah. It is amazing that u found a behavioral difference in me inspite of us living in different time zones exchanging just emails.