Scary times

R loves animals of all kinds. You will find a lot of small figurines spread across our home. Most of them will be discovered after you have either sat or stepped on them. This is not rare. Some of the animals are. Suck it up.

C has planned and created an Elephant costume for 2 year old R. Almost from the minute the costume got ready, R, who has not even seen it yet, wants to be Buzz Lightyear. C is giving me the darkest of looks for introducing Buzz into our lives. The case has been filed under its-all-your-fault folder volume 23.

Taking cue from Inception, I have been diligently planting the idea in R’s head that Buzz loves animals especially elephants. R now agrees to the unreliable fact that Buzz Lightyear’s favorite animal is the elephant. From a total loss, something has been salvaged. There might be a cute little tantrum but the elephant might just prevail. Given this little success in brain washing, it is a little puzzling why R wants to be a leopard as of this morning, the day of his Halloween parade at school. My frantic questions on why he wants to be a leopard have been dismissed with “I wanna be a leopard” retorts of increasing intensity. Will the leopard change its spots for once, in favor of an elephant’s spectacular grey hide?

Details at 10.


  1. Anonymous11:20 PM

    oh my!! the little one seems to know what he wants....or does he? Kindly provide update on the leopard vs elephant fight.

  2. Elephant won thanks to mob mentality. :)