More Rajini Facts

Following the first set of facts.

While rest of the world is reeling under the volcanic ash effect, Rajini is dancing with Ash for Eyandhiran.

While non-icelanders struggle with the name of the volcano, Rajini simply refers to it as ‘Malai … da!’,

Rajini can handle short pitch bowling.

Time and Tide wait for Rajini.

Iron Man is a hollywood adaptation of Rajini’s Eyandhiran. It just got released first.

In Las Vegas, the house always wins when Rajini is not playing.

Spoiler alert. The force behind the unbelievable happenings on the ‘Lost’ island is Rajinikanth.

Vikram plays diabolically different character in two versions of Ravanan in two or three languages thus ensuring that he or his character is there in every frame of the movie. In trade circles this is referred to as ‘doing a Rajini’.

There is a desi version of american series ‘24’ in the works starring Rajini. It is called 2.4

The real reason behind Tamil New Year Day being moved to January is that no Rajini movie release has happened in that month for a long time.

Google servers temporarily crashed when someone mistakenly searched for Rajinikanth flop movies. The correct term is ‘Rajini’s awesome movies with humble collections not including Baba.’.

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  1. "The real reason behind Tamil New Year Day being moved to January...." .. LOL!!!!!