The Road

The Road The Road by Cormac McCarthy

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
An unusual narrative. McCarthy imagines a dull and desolate world - post apocalypse. A father whose only purpose in life is to keep the fire burning in his son. A son who is still young enough to have innocence and a sense of right and wrong. The two travel through burnt down towns and landscapes of ash. They are lucky at times in their journey across the country in search of humanity. That luck is however only relative as they deal with hunger,illness and other perils constantly. The inner eye can only see grey while reading this book. There the author succeeds in his depiction of the apocalyptic world. Again, an unusual narrative - dialogs seem like monologues some times. The small strand of hope that binds the story is present but I became aware of its presence only after finishing the book.
It appears to be an impossible novel to make a movie out of. However, that is what Viggo Mortensen and friends have tried. Not sure if I will watch that one.

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