The real IPL

Amar from India faces a conundrum. "My dad (an army officer) is from Rajasthan, my mother is from punjab. I was born in Hyderabad, grew up in Chennai and Bangalore. Went to college in Kolkota and work in Mumbai.
Who do i support? Delhi?"

While not as unified in diversity as Amar, it got me thinking nevertheless. Who do I support in IPL? Place-of-birth-wise it should be the Chennai Super Kings. As far as I can tell, besides Badri, Balaji and Murali’s wife there are no other Chennai natives in the team. There-in lies my problem. Maybe the team names should be changed to something with a regional touch or something that is intrinsic to the team members. Just the city or state name is not enough – the tournament is not even being played in India – Indian Pardesi League.


I gave it some thought and this is what I came up with.

Teams needing regional flavor

  • Mohali Munde
  • Madras Machchis
  • Mum Bikers
  • Deccanande Chargergaaru (or Gilli’s Danda-s)

Based on performance

  • Delhi 6ers

Based on owners

  • Bangalore Bottle Openers

Based on team strategy

  • Rajasthan Royal Coachless
  • Kolkatta Kaptains


  1. With my oh so broad IPL background(!!) also, this was funny :-)

  2. Anonymous10:46 PM

    that was funny!