The Boondock Saints aka Ashwini Kumarargal

Two brothers - fraternal twins - deeply religious become accidental heroes when they kill a mafia muscle. They see it as their true calling and work their way up the mafia food chain. An FBI agent is on their case from the beginning and becomes their number one fan. At some stage they start targeting all of society's filth and are joined in their efforts by a friend/comic relief and a senior vigilante. The story culminates in a truly escapist ending where they do away with the mafia chief in a courthouse and escape into notoriety with the FBI agent's help. They can be in any town and cleanse that town of evil.

The film looks brilliant whenever Willem Dafoe is in the scene. It slides into mediocrity otherwise. The ending is way too predictable for the build-up it has going towards it.

This is another film idea for the story starved Kollywood junta.

I present Ashwini Kumarargal - brothers out to heal the society. This is my kollywoodization of 'The Boondock Saints'. It has been a while since we saw one of those vigilante movies made popular by S.A.Chandrasekharan and his kin in the 80s. It is time for one of those heroine-less scripts to grace our cinema halls - all action - no nonsense. An item number is acceptable and in fact welcome. Maybe the brains behind Captain Prabhakaran and Pulan Visaranai can do this one. The only problem being the open invitation for Captain Vijaykanth to become part of the movie. This in turn means that Captain will have to do the role of Willem Dafoe - the FBI/CBI agent who goes after the vigilantes. Well, all this is nice but Willem Dafore doesn't play just any FBI agent. He plays a flamboyant openly gay FBI agent and also cross-dresses at one stage. Can Captain pull this off? Will we survive to review the movie if that happens. What am I doing here? I just suggested that Vijaykanth play a gay character. Thappu Thappu. Maybe we should rope in a lady to play this role albeit a straight lady super cop. I am spinning the roulette wheel here... and it stops with Tabu. Unless Vijayashanthi is planning a comeback. Bharath, Arya, Prasanna, Jeeva, Jayam Ravi... pick any two - they can be the chief protagonists with a equally young comedian sidekick. What say?


  1. Anonymous5:23 AM

    Bharath and Arya will be a good combo. They did well in Pattiyal.

  2. Karadi2:09 PM

    i think vikram is trying to do the same in Kandasasmy, cross-dressing vigilante....i honestly think you may be right...check out the posters....