Kissa Bhaaji Ka

I have a script for Bollywood. Going by the current flavor, it is for a sports movie. Also, since its Bollywood, the story is set in a foreign locale. A typical underdog story. A chirpy Indian sets off to Australia to try and win a cup for the homeland. Along the way he is exposed to quite a few challenges. The public hates him over a misunderstanding. Cue - pathos. Two bullies gang up on him. He calls upon his inner strength. Cue - motivation. He finds allies in the patriotic fervor. Cue - Team song. They crush the bullies amidst a lot of drama. He serves poetic justice by defeating the two bullies in their own backyard. One of the bullies even turns a new leaf and offers an olive branch. Our lad returns to the homeland a hero.

The Bhaaji - Hayden - Symonds saga is one for the ages.


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