Back in good old 2001, I was greeted with Indian-American indie movies like American Desi and Green Card Fever. These movies generally dealt with the customary fish-out-of-water travails of Desi-s in America. American Desi was a tad different because it had the POV of an ABCD as the concept. Yet, the milieu remains the same - Person of Indian Origin having acclimatization issues in the US of A.

It is 2008 and we have "Outsourced!". Cisco had something to do with the making of this movie. Thanks to my good contacts there I got to watch this on DVD for free. The scene shifts to India. An ABCA now finds himself having to adjust in India. Tsk tsk...

The idea was also tried out in Albert Brooks' "Looking for Comedy in the Muslim world"

Fish-out-of-water - Different fish, Different water and Different Air... I guess but never the less good for one viewing.

Maybe Thomas Friedman should point out this changing landscape in his next edition of "The World is flat"

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  1. I saw this movie and it was actually good. some parts didnt connect well with me esp "holiday in goa", but well made movie.